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1800 North Service Road (E.C. Row) Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W 1Y3 (519) 966-2230

1800 North Service Road, Windsor, Ontario

(519) 966-2230

Internal Groups
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Internal Groups

60 & Over Club

The Fogolar Furlan 60 & Over Club caters to all the senior members of the Club. Throughout the year various day-trips, activities, and sporting matches like shuffleboard are held to keep comradery alive. The group also has the annual 60 & Over Banquet where a traditional meal is served. The members of the 60 & Over Club have a deep connection to the Fogolar, as it was their home away from home when first arriving in Canada. Some of the members were even involved in the construction of the Club in the early days. They are a very passionate group of individuals who give unendingly to the Fogolar.


Originally conceived in 1872, the Alpini were an elite group of soldiers who were entrusted with the defence of the mountainous regions of Italy. After participating in both World War I & II, the Alpini continue to operate as veterans and as new trainees. Italy’s mandatory army training first teaches young soldiers warfare tactics, then teaches those who enter the Alpini division how to integrate their fighting skills with high-elevation activities like climbing and skiing.

Alpini Monument In Windsor there is a small collection of veterans from the Alpini division. The group takes part in parades and meetings with other veteran Alpini groups in Canada and Italy. They hold banquets and picnics throughout the year to celebrate, to commemorate the fallen, and to remember old times. The Windsor group of Alpins have their own meeting room at the Fogolar which includes a small shrine with plaques, medals, and war artifacts. They also have a monument at the Fogolar; a large boulder from the mountains of Italy with a brass statue of an Alpini soldier standing at its side.

Building Committee

The Building Committee is comprised of a group of Fogolar members that are involved in various types of construction (carpentry, masonry, electrical), building code conformity, and urban planning. The responsibilities of the Building Committee are to oversee the daily maintenance and upkeep of the Club’s facilities and infrastructure, as well as oversee any new construction or future developments.


The members at the Fogolar are involved in a variety of different sports, the most popular being bocce. The Fogolar’s Bocciodromo has 8 bocce courts which are available for use for the membership and you can catch heavy action every Friday night. Many inter-club garas (tournaments) are also played throughout the year. The Fogolar Golf Tournament is another event that draws heavy participation. The annual tournament is open to both members and friends and is always successful. Just starting in 2006, the Youth Group comes to the Fogolar to play soccer on Monday nights in the summer. The games are open to all and are just for fun, so come out and make some friends.


Furlans have been identified as group of people who have a “strong sense of the family.” There is no shortage of this trait with those Furlans in Windsor. No matter what new construction project, fundraiser, or community event, the members of the Fogolar come out and fully support the new endeavor. Each year an Outstanding Volunteers Banquet is held to honour all members and non-members who have committed at least 16 hours of volunteer time to the Fogolar’s causes. The Fogolar is eternally grateful to all those people who join hands and participate in these volunteer activities. If you would like to help out at the Club, be it to assist during a construction project or to run the games at our Carnevale event, contact the Fogolar office at (519) 966-2230.

Women's Association

The Fogolar Furlan Women’s Association is a non-profit organization that provides recreational, cultural, entertainment, fraternal and educational programmes for its members and their families, and to keep alive the traditions and heritage of the Friuli region. They assist and support the Main Board of Directors of the Fogolar. The Women’s Association also strives to develop the interest of children in their Association so that they will carry on and take pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors in creating a corner of Friuli in Windsor. With the support of both the Fogolar and the community, the Women’s Association assists and donates funds to charitable and non-profit organizations or causes.

Any female at least 19 years of age who is of Italian origin, a descendant or a spouse of an Italian can join the Women’s Association. We meet once a month, usually the last Thursday of the month. We have guest speakers, outings, dinners, and many activities that we enjoy together.

Gruppo Dell'Amicizia

The Gruppo dell’Amicizia is a sub-group of the Fogolar Furlan Women’s Association that consists of about 30 senior members. They are active within the Fogolar in many different capacities. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the traditional costumes that our children’s choir, the Gotis di Rosade, wear. The group is also responsible for the head table skirting used in all of our halls as well as the cloth for the Alter when Father’s Day mass is held at the Fogolar. A recent project of theirs was creating a series of dolls, each draped in a unique costume representing all of the different regions in Italy. These dolls are in display cases at the entrance to the Dante Costa hall. It gives this group great satisfaction to see their projects come to life and to see the Furlan traditions passed on through generations.

However, helping the Fogolar is not the only thing the Gruppo dell’Amicizia does. The group volunteers some time each week to a variety of different causes and projects for the community. They knit things like blankets and stockings for cancer patients and for children in the neo-natal unit at Metropolitan Hospital. They also knit shirts and other articles of clothing and donate 4 or 5 boxes worth to those in need. Over the years, they have donated their items to the Children’s Aid Society, the Hiatus House, to Inuit families in Northern Canada, and even to impoverished children in Africa.

The Gruppo dell’Amicizia is also extremely supportive of each other and allows these senior women a chance to forget the frustrations of Canada’s modern, fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy life for a few hours each week by singing songs and sharing stories from the old days.Any female at least 19 years of age who is of Italian origin, a descendant or a spouse of an Italian can join the Women’s Association. We meet once a month, usually the last Thursday of the month. We have guest speakers, outings, dinners, and many activities that we enjoy together.

Youth Choir - Gotis di Rosade

The choir is comprised of children, all of whose parents are members at the Fogolar. They practise regularly throughout the year and learn songs in Furlan, English, and Italian. You can catch them singing at the Fogolar Furlan’s Christmas Member’s Banquet and Spring Member’s Banquet, in addition to various community performances during the year.