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1800 North Service Road (E.C. Row) Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W 1Y3 (519) 966-2230

1800 North Service Road, Windsor, Ontario

(519) 966-2230

Fogolar Furlan Scholarship
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Fogolar Furlan Scholarship

The Scholarship Program is designed to provide a monetary award(s) for members (in good standing), their spouses and the children or grandchildren of members who plan to further their education in a post-secondary institution.
Awards will be given to successful applicants who graduate and are accepted into an accredited and recognized university, community college or a program (1 year or longer) that is not university or college.
In addition to the monetary award, recipients will be provided with tickets for themselves and a guest at the next scheduled Members’ Banquet. Their awards will be given at this time.
Recipients will also receive a free one year membership to the Fogolar upon successful completion of the membership application process.
Applications can be obtained in the Fogolar Furlan office or it can be downloaded here:
Fogolar Furlan Scholarship Application

For students graduating from high school

2021 Camlis Continuing Education Bursary

For University students who are planning to go on to post graduate studies.