The facilities at the Fogolar Furlan Windsor are a perfect match for your next special occasion. The interior of the Club is beautifully decorated for formal gatherings and can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 1000 people. For your next special occasion trust the details to the hard working men and women of the Fogolar Furlan Windsor. Your guests will be glad you did.
Canada Hall Interior
Canada Hall
The Canada Hall is located in the main building and can accommodate a minimum of 185 people to over 300 in a graceful atmosphere. The lobby leading in has a beautiful décor and a stylish antique Fogolar to perfectly greet your guests. Come see the Canada Hall by making an appointment today.
Friuli Hall Interior
Friuli Hall
The Friuli Hall is a mirror image of the Canada Hall and therefore can also accommodate a minimum of 185 to over 300. The beautiful bar and antique chandeliers provide a cozy, yet elegant, atmosphere for your guests. Mirrors on the walls and optional ceiling decorations add a lasting touch to your special day. Come see the Friuli Hall in person by making an appointment today.
Main Hall
For your larger gathering, the Fogolar can join both the Canada and Friuli Halls to accommodate anywhere from 400 to 700 guests. The head table can be arranged to sit in the centre of the hall overlooking your family and friends. Both bars will be open and the band or deejay will be positioned directly opposite the head table in the centre of the room, facing the dance floor. Come see the Main Hall in person by making an appointment today.
Dante Costa Hall Interior
Dante Costa Hall
For smaller functions the Dante Costa Hall may be the right fit for you. It's circular structure and soft lighting make any function graceful and stylish. The Dante Costa hall is perfect for parties of 50-120 people. Come see the Dante Costa Hall in person by making an appointment today.

Windsor Hall Interior
Windsor Hall
The newest addition to the Fogolar is the Windsor Hall. With an enchanting semi-circular bar, fireplace, dynamic ceiling, a small patio, and windows overlooking the Fogolar grounds, it is arguably the most beautiful hall in the City of Windsor. Located in the Udine Complex, the Windsor Hall can be split into 2 smaller halls, each capable of holding 100 people. Combine the halls and we can accomodate a 200-person wedding with ease. Windsor Hall is also the most technologically advanced out of all of our rooms. A projector and two plasma televisions are available for use, whether it be to give a slide show or to preview a DVD. Make an appointment today to visit Windsor's most elegant hall.
Udine Hall Interior
Udine Hall
The Udine Hall is perfect for an intimate and stylish party. A beautiful sunset welcomes your guests through the windows in the hall which overlook the Fogolar's back fields. Located on the upper level of the Udine Complex, the Udine Hall can hold a party from 50 to 175 people. Come see the Udine Hall in person by making an appointment today.
Cultural Centre
The Cultural Centre is a perfect room for business meetings and workshops. Located on the upper level in the main building, the Cultural Centre can accommodate anywhere from 20 - 40 people. Coupled with the Fogolar's Wireless Internet service, this room is capable of handling all your business needs. Come see the Cultural Centre in person by making an appointment today.