How to Become a Member
We are always looking for new members to join the Club and get involved in their Furlan heritage.
To become a Fogolar member you must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Be born in the Friuli Area or must be able to prove to the satisfaction of the Corporation that the Applicant is a descendant of an ancestor born in the Friuli Area
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be sponsored by 2 members in good standing. Sponsorship shall not be made by a parent, grandparent, spouse, brother, sister or child
Membership costs $100 initiation with a $5 per month membership dues.
If you would like to apply for membership, you can download the Fogolar Furlan Membership Application (PDF - 50 KB).
Benefits of being a Fogolar Furlan member are:
  • Bi-annual Membership Banquets at Christmas and in the Spring.
  • Discount off New Year's Eve tickets.
  • A 10% discount will be given for weddings and various occasions (meals only) booked by the member. (After one year's membership)
  • All members are entitled to attend the monthly membership meeting with free drinks to follow.
  • All members are entitled to nominate fellow members, and be nominated at the October assembly. A meal is provided following this assembly.
  • All members are entitled to vote for the executive committee, and vote during all general assemblies.
  • A ticket is mailed to each member at Christmas and their birthday which allows them to have a free drink in the Member's Bar.
  • All members receive a newsletter bi-monthly and an annual calendar from the Club.
  • All members have access to the Club's library which contains books, newspapers and journals (both historical and cultural).
  • Members and their children are entitled to compete for post-secondary scholarships which include College, University and apprentice level studies.
  • All members 65 and over will no longer pay membership dues, providing you have been a member for 10 years.
  • For members with young children, the Fogolar hosts a Christmas Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Ice Skating Event, Bonfire, and Carnevale annually.
  • If the Fogolar is aware of your hospital stay, you will be remembered with a visit and flowers.
For more information regarding membership, please contact the Membership Secretary, Valerie Ferraro, through the Fogolar Furlan office at (519) 966-2230 or through email at